Sticks on Fire provides original, authentic food and drinks. With pure ingredients, full of bursting flavors, we create a real experience during your event, party or private gathering.

For individuals as well as companies.

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In a warm ambiance of natural materials, modern finishes, ambient light, accessories from various countries and hospitable staff, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

Our interior and seating guarantee your privacy.

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Sticks on Fire will host her own parties once in a while.
Every edition takes place in a different location, in a different city, with a different theme.

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Sticks on Fire


About us

The newest and sensational Healthy Food formula is a fact. Pure ingredients, full of flavors, and a true experience. Authentic Asian satay and kebab dishes from a variety of countries with a contemporary touch served with delicious side dishes and matching drinks, cocktails, and mocktails.

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